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Language Services

1. Professional Translation

Our professional translation services focus on education, business, and government material that has to be translated between Arabic and any other language.

About our professional translators

At ELST we’ve taken the thorn out of finding the right translator by building a database of top-quality sworn, legal, financial and general suppliers over the years. All of them hold post-graduate qualifications and are currently active in their chosen fields. Before contracting a translator’s services, we review references from clients, trainers, and other translators or editors. Frequent quality checks follow the initial approval to give you the assurance of continuous accurate work.

We’ll match the topic of your project with one or more translators who possess the required expertise. They’ll also be aware of current language trends related to the subject field, ensuring both accuracy and clarity. And as a final guarantee of quality, ELST professional editor and proofreader oversees and reviews all completed work.

2. Writing, Editing, and Proofreading

Content Creation

 Use this service in conjunction with any of our other services and get well-researched, attractive content polished to perfection. You’ll have the assurance of quality material expertly written in a vernacular your audiences can associate with, emphasised by eye-catching on-brand visuals.

Editing Services

Give us your fresh copy for a once-over to check style, usage and vocabulary. Our editors also create custom style guides for your internal and public communications.

Proofreading Services

Let our proofreaders carefully examine your document or manuscript, word for word. From spelling to grammar to style guide adherence, comma splices,sentence fused, and more, we’ll get your document ready for print and reader consumption.