We, at ELST, are
 passionate about helping ELST clients communicate  effectively in any language. Bringing our 16 year track record of delivering exceptional language services at both academic and non-academic levels  results to ensure ELST clients receive the best language and translation solutions.

Partnering with our clients to understand their needs and provide solutions can help them do business anywhere in the world. We understand the importance of listening, clarifying needs, attention to detail, deadlines, budgets, and especially delivering exacting results.

What we like most about being a part of ELST is working daily with extraordinary clients and the extraordinary team of professionals that make up the ELST team.

ELST is dedicated to delivering world-class product and customer service by focusing on continuous improvement, leveraging leading edge technology and professional project management.

Give us a call – we are ready to partner with you as you strive to communicate effectively with your customers and academic institutions. Just leave it to us and we will handle it from hand to hand.

Online Language & Translation Courses

Are you interested in learning languages, Arabic in particular?

Are you interested in translation and interpretation?

Would you like to develop and improve your translation skills?

Are you thinking of translation and interpretation as a profession?

You don’t have the certificate? You don’t have the experience?

Are you thinking of carrying out English language editor and proofreader job?

Again, you don’t have a certificate? You don’t have the experience?

Build your own translation training backage

Let us help you! Our online language and translation courses and tests will do the job?

Online short workshops with certificate.

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